Are Big Cyber Attacks Really Possible?

About cyber attacks. Did they really happened? How do we know? What can you do? Does it even matter?

The possibility of your being affected by any kind of cyber attack is very small. That also could be said about heart attacks, cancer, random shootings and car accidents. All those things do happen, but at any one time only a small number of people are affected.

That is the kind of reasoning that many offer when the subject of mall where, computer virus and cyber attacks are part of the conversation. It is thought that because they are so rare, they probably never really happened.

That kind of thinking might make you feel comfortable, but it does not improve your safety by one bit. Instead, you should make reasonable attempts protect you and your family from any kind of invasive malicious activity. Maybe that’s why you have a watchdog. And that is why you put a fence around your house. Perhaps you even have lights that come on at night if anybody is moving around. You don’t have to be paranoid to want to make some privation to safeguard your home and your family. We live in a world where such measures are completely rational.

But what about the possibility of a cyber attack? The biggest concern has to do with data security. Not just your personal data security in your home computer, but the data security of your bank, your place of and climate and even the Social Security office in your city.

How sophisticated and cyber criminals be? That is hard to say. The really smart cyber criminals, if they exist, do not reveal themselves. They hide in the darkness of electronic communication. There are just too many ways they can hide their tracks or confuse investigators.

If this is a topic of interest to you, and it should be, you can search the Internet and find credible reports that indicate cyber attacks have taken place in the past few years. Bear in mind, the documentation cannot be complete until the cyber criminals themselves come forward and make full confessions.

The idea of a successful cyber criminal ever making a full can patient is near absurd. Line here’s an example. Some unknown cyber criminals may very easy $100,000 gain without even walking across the street. All of their activity was done fromĀ  a place unknown to police investigators. Here is a link to a credible source of that story.

Extortionists made $100,000 without Attack.

So is it possible? In the above case it did not matter. They got what they wanted. What would you have done? Read the story.




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