Are Laser Printers Better?

Not if you want to save money.

The cost of ownership of a Laser printer is much too high for most of us. The low cost per page thing is only good for huge workloads.

Here are some links about this topic. The companies that make laser printer want you to think the laser is a better investment.  Redd for yourself about what is going on in the printer business.

Laser printers have low cost per page, but can really cost a lot. Cheap inkjets suck up expensive ink. That was true last year. And the year before. Has anything really new come to the printer market?

Recent article:
They inkjets ratings on par with laser printers.

About four years ago:
Printers waste half the ink doing cleaning.

Here is a quote:
Generally inkjet printers have a price per page of around 20 cents, although this includes both black and colour cartridges — if you intend to print only black, ongoing print costs are generally 7-8 cents per page. Cheap black-and-white laser printers have a price of around 6c per page on average…
PC World Printer Report.

IMO, the real cost must include amortization of the capital investment and the labor and materials involved to use  and maintain the printer. In that respect, the laser printers might not be worthwhile unless you have a very huge workload.

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