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How the New 5G is much better than the old .

Those who understand it do agree that 5G Internet will be a lot better.

It is not just cell phones that will benefit. The 5 G will make the Internet really serve mankind well, if men  let it. Improvements in fast communication can bring  beater weather forecasting,  economic stability and health care for everyone.

Let me refer yu to an article recently published.

internet of things.


Here is a short quote:

Darrell M. West

Imagine a world where you can download an interactive 3-D video in a few seconds, a smart
home anticipates your needs, and autonomous vehicles take you to your destination safely.
This is the world of fifth-generation (5G) broadband technology. It promises speeds of more than 100 megabits per second,more data bandwidth, and fewer delays due to built-in computing intelligence that handles data very efficiently.
It is not just speed. It is about better use of our computers. Please read his article over.

News from AMD and Intel. Who will win?

AMD CPU will be better and cheap than Intel.

But Intel is about to spend $7 billion in Phenix for a new factory to make incredibly powerful super chips that can almost read your mind.

If you like to play fast games on a computer, you will like the news from AMD. Soon you can have a new PC that is better than anything made by Intel.

But meanwhile, Intel is going for a much, much better goal. Super chips that can make home robots a reality. Silicon that can understand what you mean when you talk out load. Not just voice commands chores,  but really understand what you are trying to say. Maybe a robot nanny to raise children. Or a resident therapist to help yu with your anxieties.

When? Very soon. Checkout these stories.

For Intel:  Intel to spend $7 for factory in Arizona.

For AMD: New AMD gaming CPU at lower prices.

Who will win? Booth.  Each will move ahead, bu tin different ways.

AMD will make progress in the personal computer market and related areas such as commercial data centers.

Bit Intel does not get most of its income from the desktop computer area. Intel is a huge company with a wide range of projects that bring in money. The desktop computer is a important part, but Intel does not have to depend on it. They have enough others things going to continue making money.

Should You Build Your Own Personal Computer.

No. Unless you really want to and have the right reasons. Ream about the Pros and Cons.

Years ago all personal computers were home built computer. The first Apple computer was b built in a garbage by two your men who had a dream.

The early home builds also were made with parts for Motorola, Intel and other chip makers.  sand other chip makers It was only after those early years that the rest of the world knew about personal computers.

I built my first computer. Would I do it again. No, I would not. I did it as a learning experience.  It got me up to speed on digital technology. I had done all my work in the Analog world. I had to learn what digital electronics can do. That was the quick way for me. I do not do well in a formal learning environment. I have to get my hansd on something I want to understand.

But what about today? Well, today there ere other reasons to build your own.  For one, yu might get more value for your money. Another is you pay only for what your really want, not what some salesman things.

Here is on of the best articles about this object from another website,  Make Use Of.

Is It Still Cheaper to Build Your Own PC?




Oroville Flood Alert Given.

This post has been deleted.

Lake Oroville Dam is in the News of the Week.

This post has been deleted.

The Methane Economy is Real.

Research news articles confirms that the methane economy is a reality. the good use of methane is reducing the cost of energy.

here’s a reference to a publication called Forbes. What they say is also supported in many authoritative articles published by others.

Study Confirms Methane Emissions Not Rising Under Natural Gas Economy

The prospects for significant reductions in greenhouse gases has received a major boost, as scientists report methane emissions from fossil fuels have not increased, even with a substantial increase in natural gas production. As compared to coal, natural gas cuts in half the carbon dioxide emissions that are the main focus of global warming advocates. Some advocates, however, have expressed fears that methane emissions from increasing natural gas production are negating the benefits of carbon dioxide reductions.

You can find more about this by searching the Internet for the words ‘Methane Economy’  and finding links like this:

That article says, in part:

OPEC irrelevance and marginalization

    • Stable energy prices.
    • Strong and resilient economy.
    • Improved trade balance picture.
    • Strong currency.
    • Clean energy production.
    • Cleaner air.
    • Uncontaminated water.

Think about it!

What do ou know about Methane Gas?

Methane Gas is making news headlines. Maybe your next automobile will have a tank of methane gas. Do you care?

Things you need to know:

  • Methan is also called natural gas and is used as a heating fuel and  is both man-man and natural.
  • Methane is among the most abundant fuels on the planet
  • Methane  is CH4 and is a climate change gas.
  • It is helping people live longer.

You can look up methane on the Internet. You will find many articlethat support the four statements listed above. Some articles  yu find have strong politicalbias. My purpose here is not to endorse any politicl view above another. The facts show that methane is often used in a good way. And sad to say, methane is is implicated in in human deaths.

Now here is an example of how methane improves the live of meny people every day.

(This area is beingedited.)

Super capacitors rake the sound barrier

A researcher said it was like breaking the sound barrier. He was describing a new breakthrough in super capacitor technology.

The new breakthrough   now places super capacitors well ahead of any other electrical storage system. Compared to conventional batteries used in cars and trucks, the new super capacitors are well beyond 10 times the power of the conventional battery systems used in automobiles today. And besides transportation, the new capacitors could be used in many types of electronic devices.
Imagine having a laptop computer that does not have a replaceable battery. You just plug it in and charge it up and use it and then charges again. Even after years of use, you would not have to replace the battery, because it’s not a battery. It is a super capacitor that outperforms even with him ion batteries pound for pound.
The details are rather hard to understand for us laymen. In fact, even engineers with quite a bit of experience will find it hard to believe these new super capacitors are so great. Possibility would be a city bus that is powered by a super capacitor and goes for several miles before needing a recharge. Not only would this be quite economical, but would also have an impact on the use of gasoline or diesel to power buses.
Just imagine living in a city for all transportation was electric. If successful, super capacitors could replace batteries in any kind of vehicle and deliver more power and more talk torque and have less weight. Someday we could be living in cities where there is no use of internal combustion engines for anything.
Of course, we’re not there yet. So far super capacitors are effective in laboratory situations and have been used in some commercial applications. But at the present time they are not ready to go mainstream.
To learn more about super capacitors and the recent advances that have been made, just do a search using your favorite browser and just enter one word: supercapacitors. Yes, they’re spelling it as a single word and get describes a single thing. The difference between a super capacitor and our regular capacitor are like night and day, they are not even comparable. Go ahead. Look up. It will blow your mind.


Yahoo Lost 500 million E-mail Passwords.

Up to 500 million e-mail passwords have been stolen from Yahoo and is the biggest ever snafu.

If you have e-mail with yahoo, read this article from USA Today.

Yahoo user, what you need to know.

More details are still to come. For more information, search for keywords Yahoo Data Breach on Google or Bing.

Row Hammer Virus is Worst Threat.

RowHanner is not just another virus attack on your Computer. It bleeds DRAM. It is unlike anything.

Unlike a typical computer malware, the Row Hammer takes advantage of a weakness in every DRAM memory chip in any computer.

Here is a simple explanation of what this threat means.

Let’s talk about Row Hammer. In this document I will refer to this item by the name Row Hammer. By  spelling it with capital letters it gets your attention.
This is not a new issue,  it was some time ago. But the issue was raised by the manufacturers of dynamic RAM. There are concerns that a known weakness in the design might possibly present some kind of security threat in the future. So they hired experts to analyze the theoretical and hypothetical possibilities of a security flaw in the dynamic RAM design.
So it would be correct to say this is a hardware problem and not really a software problem. Basically, that is true. For the purpose of simplification, I would like to call it a mechanical problem. Let me illustrate.
Suppose you or somebody else wanted to build a porch on the back of your house. But the back of your house is a bit higher than the rest of the house, so the question of stability of the porch would be an issue. One way of resolving the issue would be to just use bigger boards and redundant construction. But to save money, it is decided to try a novel design that uses the minimum out of would but yet provides a very steady and safe structure. After the porch has been built some and suggests that you should try getting some heavy people on the porch and see what happens perhaps to 300 pound men and see if the porch starts to sag or wobble. That would be a reasonable test. But now somebody says that if someone really wanted to give you a bad time they could put maybe three overweight man on the porch and have them start jumping up and down. Now that’s not quite fair. If they jump up and down they will put more stress upon the economical structure you have created.
In a nutshell, that is what has happened to dynamic RAM chips. I here’s a picture of I dynamic RAM module made up of many chips. Inside the chip there is an arrangement of memory cells that is of course not visible to the human eye. If you could look inside you would see something that looks like a structure of cells arranged by rows and columns. Like I said, this is a simplification of what really is inside. But the idea of a grid of rows and columns conveys the basic idea of some sort of mechanical design.
The makers of dynamic RAM chips realized that there could be a weakness in this type of design. Certain patterns of data might continually access the same row several times and this could cause the dynamic RAM cells to leak or bleed. The leaking or bleeding would cause adjacent cells to become corrupt and lose data. Is that really possible? Yes, it is and it was proven to be true. However, it takes extreme effort to come up with a sequence of binary zeros and ones that will put stress upon the memory chip. It every day use that would probably never, ever happen. But if somebody were to deliberately come up with a spatial sequence and repeat that sequence over and over again, it could cause the memory chip to bleed and spill data into adjacent cells.
Without going into the actual details of how memory cells work, that is a simplified explanation of what happens and it helps you to understand why they call the threat the Row Hammer. Yes, a malicious piece of software could constantly use a special pattern that will hit all the cells in the same row and do it over and over again like a hammer hitting a nail.
But how do we know this is true? Because the big chip makers themselves analyze the problem and publicize the problem in order to get to some recognition in the industry as to the importance of a clever design in the fabrication of memory chips. So the big famous chip makers could claim they had a better design that would resist a hostile software attack that might potentially come sometime in the future.

Well, there has been no mass use of a Row Hammer attack on the computers of the world. At least not yet. The manufacturers are so confident about this that the subject sort of died. Until this year. Specifically, last month in July. Somebody said something in July and then there’s some additional research done in August and on about August 30 a report was released saying that the Row Hammer threat was still an evil possibility.

Now one would think that with that announcement there would be a rebuttal by the big memory companies claiming they had already figured out. Well guess what? No, they don’t have it figured out. There are only a few people in the world that dabble in this sort of hypothetical threat to computer systems. They make their money by publishing articles about threats that don’t yet exist. This is a tricky business for them. If that turns out to be non-existent, they lose their credibility. But if the threat suddenly overwhelms a large number of computers over the Internet then these individuals will be criticized for not speaking up earlier. A  tough job.
So what does this mean you? Well, there’s no bottom whole lot you can do about it. Just just pay attention to some of the things that people say when they use the term Row Hammer. According to the experts it is a real possibility.
You want to learn more about how Row Hammer works, you’re going to have to read a lot of technical stuff that becomes very, very boring very quickly. I’ve tried reading over and it appears to be authentic, but I have no way of verifying this for myself. If you Google it, you may find some place where they claim that Google has a website that will offer you some different things that can test your computer to see if it would be subject to a Row Hammer attack. I haven’t tried it. The fact that it’s out there would indicate that a number of people think the threat is real.
In this document I have tried to explain what the Row Hammer threat is without getting into the deep technical stuff and boring you to death. I think my analogy of calling it a mechanical problem well represents what is going on. What happens is that two different manufacturers could be manufacturing the same memory chip by specification, yet internally there would be a mechanical difference in the layout or design. The idea is to get the memory cells as small as possible and close together as possible but to avoid bleeding of one cell to another. Exactly how they do this might remain  a secret.  Or maybe not. But the big manufacturers do believe it is a potential problem. Time will tell.